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The Big Project

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The Big Project

Posted by MystyVander at April 20. 2018

One of the ways I think that D&D/TTRPGs in general can become more accessible is if we come together as a communicate and work to create a Universal ASL Guidebook to TTRPGs (I am definitely more preferrable to D&D specifics as I know nothing of other systems outside of Pathfinder). This could be a video series or a physical guidebook. To actually begin this project, we first need to create universal signs for all of the specialty terms TTRPGs have (who ever wants to fingerspell Prestidigitation?). If you look in the Files section of this page, you will find a spreadsheet consisting of hundreds of terms we believe need to made into their own specific signs for TTRPGs. Please, feel free to comment and add/subtract to this however you wish. If you have recommendations for universal signs, please, share them. If you have recommendations on how to streamline this project effectively, we would also love to hear from you.

Re: The Big Project

Posted by Hawke Robinson at April 20. 2018

I can definitely help with this with other systems in addition to D&D. Very excited to get this community to grow and get things underway!

Re: The Big Project

Posted by sonicstopwatch at December 31. 2018

What a cool idea! I don't know much ASL yet but perhaps I could help with the video part?

Re: The Big Project

Posted by Kevin Kinsley at September 27. 2019

After looking at the spreadsheet for signs that have been made. Some of the simple spells like "Friend" and such, make a lot of sense. I would like to propose that we change the signs for classes, We shouldn't have too sign three words to make one word, that gets confusing and takes longer then just spelling out. This is coming from someone who really dislikes fingerspelling (Hence why I am here lol).

I think we should take these classes, and what we know about them, and make a new, single sign for them. Warlock could easily be signed as book, but with the hand shape of a W. Or seek, and the hand shape of W. Bard could be music with a B shape hand. Or performance/ drama with a B shape hand.

Classes and Races are one of the most important parts of DnD and we should be making them more personalized for each of them. In the long run, it would be easier to remember. 

Also, I already have some people who are interested in helping a project like this. I propose to start a facebook page, and repost the discord. (Discord is a great place too at least keep information organized.) but most of the people I have talked too, would prefer Facebook. 

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